My Bump Update

I don't do much blogging on my site (follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more frequent updates) and I realized I haven't even officially announced, here, that I'm pregnant!! Well better late than never...I'm only about 35 weeks ;)

I thought I'd share a couple sweet bump photos that doula and photographer Jodi Kaldestad Photography took of me at 33 weeks. 


Prenatal Nutrition

I wrote a blog on prenatal nutrition for the launch of a new site called Birth Vancouver - It's full of great information and resources for all things pregnancy related in Vancouver!

Check out my blog post here.

Pomme Natural Market also featured this blog on Nutrition for Pregnancy! 

Hopefully, you'll learn some valuable information to support you and your baby nutritionally on this pregnancy journey!! 

love love

apple belly with vinette.jpg

Official Launch of the baby nook!!

Salina of Kukoon Yoga and I are so excited to officially launch "the baby nook", a resource hub for the bump n' beyond.

We are a resource hub for pregnant women and families, here to help you navigate the wondrous ...journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond!

Our workshops, courses, private sessions and doula services are designed to guide you towards a personalized and empowered birth plan.

We have designed a powerful Prenatal Partner Workshop that promotes connection with baby, and with each other. Explore different birthing positions, cycle through prenatal yoga flows, learn tips for postpartum support and top it all off with a side of laughter and love!

Stay tuned for Childbirth Education Courses in 2015!

We are both mothers, prenatal yoga teachers, doulas and lovers of all things pregnancy, birth and baby. Let's connect! (coming soon!)

****Our next Prenatal Partner Workshop is on Sun, Mar 8 in Port Moody. Reserve your spot by emailing!

Officially a Certified Doula!

On Saturday, I completed my Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula Certification. One of the best decisions I've made. It has expanded my knowledge in ways I wasn't even expecting. My mind was blown every day - I would come home after each class buzzing, emotional, excited and completely exhausted. I am so grateful to have learned such important information regarding pregnancy, the birth process and ways to optimally offer support to a woman during this time. Oh how I wish I knew then, what I know now....well sort of...if my journey wasn't what it was it may not have led me to where I am today. I have so much gratitude for my journey. I now believe and understand that the support of a Doula is invaluable. Although I don't plan on attending many births right away, I do plan on supporting women and partners through birth preparation classes which will also include important information on nutrition (of course!) and prenatal yoga. I'm am just so excited to start creating something really special so that I can continue to support woman and help empower them with knowledge and their own strength leading up to one of the most incredible experiences of their life. You only get one chance at the birth!