Recipes - Veggie and Bean 'Kitchen Sink' Soup

I'm going to commit to posting more recipe's on my blog!! This way, I can return back to them when I want them AND I get to share them with YOU!! It's usually easiest for me to just post them on my Facebook page (follow me here) but I am committed to taking a couple extra steps and posting them here!!

Here is the Kitchensink‬ ‪#‎vegetable‬ and ‪#‎bean‬ soup I made before heading to guide some ‪#‎prenatalyoga‬ earlier this week. I'm still enjoying the big pot I made!!
If you know me, you'll know I'm a big lover of ‪#‎soup‬ any day of the year!

My 'Recipe' - I really just used what I had around the house. When I started to make it, all I knew is I had a big pot of homemade, fresh chicken stock that had been simmering for a couple days. I needed to make a yummy soup!! Here is what I had around and here's is what I added to make seriously delicious soup.

-homemade chicken bone broth (made with pasture raised roasted chicken necks and onion)...
-roasted cauliflower
-chopped carrots
-butter sauteed kale (left over from previous night dinner)
-red potatoes
-chopped onion
-black beans (left over from previous night dinner)
-pinto beans (usually I like to soak my beans but in the case I use canned, I use Eden Organic BPA free cans)
-organic tomato paste (about 2 tbsp)
-for spices: 1 bay leaf and salt and pepper to taste (I wanted to add something else but it really didn't need anything) and a big sprinkle of LOVE (always!)

After I spooned the soup into my bowl, I added a piece of sharp cheese (I love L'Ancentre's raw organic cheese) and let it melt - maybe my favourite part ;)

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Veggie & Bean 'Kitchen Sink' Soup

Veggie & Bean 'Kitchen Sink' Soup