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Currently, I am not taking on any birth doula clients.

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photo x minette at  birthofhoope

photo x minette at birthofhoope

Looking for a Doula?

Here are a few that recommend

doula, what's a doula?

In a nut shell & according to the google definition, a doula is: a woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born. The word ''doula' comes from the ancient Greek meaning "a woman who serves". 

This article from 'evidence based birth' offers a wonderful article explaining: what a doula is, how woman use doula's, the difference between a labour & delivery nurse and a partner/spouse and the evidence for doula support.  Find the article here.


photo x minette at  birthofhope

photo x minette at birthofhope

doula services

birth bundle

My birth package includes the following 

  • Free initial consultation/interview to make sure we're the right fit! I encourage all expecting parents considering a doula to interview a number of different Doula's. I want to to ensure that you have the perfect person to support you during this powerful journey.

  • 2 prenatal visits (1.5-2 hours long each) Visits are very educational, ensuring you feel informed about your options and confident in what to expect. Prenatal visits also provide us with the opportunity to become familiar with each other and build a strong relationship moving towards your birth.

  • Assistance in creating a birth vision and discussion of your wants, needs and wishes

  • Continuous support for you and your partner (if applicable) during your birth and up to 2 hours after the birth. This can include massage, rebozo, comfort techniques, partner support, food prep, cleaning, sibling care etc.

  • Photographs of your birth, if desired (on your camera or phone)

  • Complementary access to TENS unit and lending library

  • Assistance in setting up postpartum support/referrals (i.e. lactation consultants, placenta encapsulation, etc.)

  • Optional 1 hr complementary postpartum follow-up visit - to assist with breastfeeding and offer emotional support. To be arranged by the client within two weeks of birth to close our relationship and answer any questions about the birth

Telephone and Email Support

I encourage my clients to keep in close contact by phone and email between our in-person visits so we may provide supplemental information and to answer questions as birth approaches. I encourage you to contact me after every visit with your primary birth attendant AND when your prenatal classes begin and end. This helps keep us connected! This support extends to the postpartum period, where I can direct you to a variety of resources in the community.

investment For the whole ‘bundle’: $900


I am often asked about my coping mechanisms used for making it through a 2-day labour; I have never missed this opportunity to credit Christina, as my doula. When I was first pregnant, I did not understand why I would need a doula in addition to my mid-wife and husband but after having my first birthing experience, I can honestly say that there is no way I would attempt this process without her!
— Chelsea Z. (Vancouver, BC)


private prenatal session

A private prenatal session is a generally held in your home with you and your birth partner. Other pregnant couple friends can join as well. These sessions are fully customizable and can be adapted to suit your needs and desires. There is a lot of juicy information we can cover to help prepare you for the birth journey. Below is an abbreviated agenda that we can loosely follow.

Your Possible Agenda

  • Birth Vision Planning

  • Reviewing the Stages of Birth (1st, 2nd & 3rd)

  • Importance of Breath and How to Use It

  • Comfort Techniques During Birth - massage, rebozo, relaxation, touch, meditation etc.

  • Active Meditation with Partner Support

  • Ideal Birthing Positions

  • Birthing at Home or at Hospital

  • Birth at Home Kit or Hospital Bag List

  • What to Remember When at Hospital (the Cascade Effect, BRAIN–being fully informed about choices)

  • Baby has Arrived…Now What?

  • Postpartum Support

  • Appreciation Exercise

  • Birth Partner & Baby Connection Exercises

  • Yoga Flow


  • Private session: $200 (up to 3 hours)

  • Additional hour: $50

  • Additional couple: $160

The encouragement, relaxation, sense of calmness was beneficial to both my wife and I. It helped alleviate some of my worries and anxiety as a new dad to be. During meditation, she reminded us about the bond of family, of being one. There was a moment of serene connectedness between me, my wife and our child in the womb. It was truly an emotional experience and I encourage everyone (yes, including all you fathers to be out there) to sign up for a private class. I also have to mention that her soundtrack was amazing! So much so that I played one of the songs while my wife was in labour. Christina’s knowledge, experience and valuable advice really made our journey as new parents even more inspirational.
— Rene H. (Coquitlam, BC)
What’s great about Christina is that she’s not only a Doula, she’s also a Holistic Nutritionist and a yoga instructor. So not only do we share a similar philosophy on natural child birth, but she is filled with interesting and useful knowledge. This sets her apart from other Doulas who may not have the same background.
— Lena D. (Maple Ridge, BC)