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Currently, I am not teaching any yoga classes, but stay tuned for something special in 2019!

Looking for a great yoga class for ‘bumps, babies and beyond’? Check out Kukoon Yoga in Port Moody, BC, Canada!

prenatal yoga

Nourish and prepare your body, mind and spirit for pregnancy, birth and beyond during this Prenatal Yoga Series.  Embrace and connect with changes in your body, growing baby and a community of women during this sweet and magical time of pregnancy.  Through gentle yoga postures, breath, meditation and much, much more, we will enhance comfort. calmness, flexibility, intuition and love.

Check out my events & workshop page for my current yoga classes and series.

prenatal yoga photo.png

Christina’s energy and passion for pregnancy and the birth process is both inspiring and moving. She takes her knowledge, experience and passion and relays that into her prenatal yoga classes so that you come out not just feeling amazing physically, but feeling enlightened mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her classes are filled with educational information, beautiful stories and of course, the physical movements which your body is so desperately in need of during pregnancy and in preparation for a wonderful birth experience.
— Jessica B. (North Vancouver, BC)

mom & baby yoga 

Take time to connect with your body, mind, breath, and baby & other Mamas and Babes!

With a focus on helping mom gently strengthen and increase comfort in her body, this class is a supportive, safe and baby-friendly place for mom to bring baby and practice yoga (with baby close-by or in arms). Babies are welcome to sleep, poop, nurse, play, cry or be held. Come as you are (even if that means you’re still in your PJ’s) and move, breathe, meditate, sing, dance, laugh & more!

All moms must be 6 weeks post-partum (or with a doctor’s note earlier than 6 weeks) and all babies must be under one year or pre-walking if over one year old.

Check out my events & workshop page for my current yoga classes and series.

mom and baby yoga

I look forward to Mom & Babe yoga with Christina every week. It’s a place where time slows down, a special time just for me and baby. Christina’s loving, calm and nurturing energy is contagious and baby and I leave class each week feeling more relaxed and connected. It gives perspective that lasts all week, until the next class! We love Christina.
— Jessica & baby E (Pitt Meadows, BC)