NUTRITION - Sharing the Love

Serena T. (Coquitlam, BC)

"Just like a shining sun on a cold winter day, Christina warms my heart and lights up my day every time we connect!

She helped me get through depression during bed rest, anxiety of low milk production, sore nipples from breastfeeding, mastitis ,thrush, yeast infections...she has always been there for me! Her recommendations and tips guide me through healing in the most natural and profound ways.

I couldn't thank her enough for being so generous in sharing her knowledge in holistic nutrition, personal experience, positive and healing energy and lots of love. Most importantly, she constantly reminds me that I'm beautiful and powerful- sometimes that’s all it takes to heal myself! "

Roja B. (North Vancouver, BC)

 "Christina was able to breakdown my bigger goals into smaller achievable steps in order for me to feel like I was moving forward into better physical and mental health. With Christina's expertise, I was able to understand the functions of my body and how different types of foods affect my organs and my overall health. Christina's warmth and passion coincided with her understanding and recognition and as a result I felt like I was in reliable hands." 

Ashley P. (Pitt Meadows, BC)

"A few years back I had been diagnosed with stress induced IBS. I felt I had been managing the symptoms well, until it became very clear I wasn't. By the time I made the decision to see Christina my habits were out of control. My bowel was so distended it was constantly in pain, my skin was a mess and my digestion was so bad I felt like I constantly had food stuck in my throat.

Christina sat down with me and had a very thorough assessment. I kept a food diary and from that Christina made her recommendations. With the information she provided me with I was able to confidently take  steps into a new direction. It wasn't about a massive overhaul to my life, it was about the tweaks to make it even better . Christina was there every step of the way, sending new recipes and helping me set and achieve my goals. It wasn't about just treating my symptoms, it was about treating me holistically. ‎ Her knowledge inspired‎ me to treat my body better.

It has been over a year since I met with Christina, and since then I've continued to go from strength to strength.  Christina not only changed my habits she changed my life!"

YOGA & PRIVATE SESSIONS  - Sharing the love

Rene H. (Coquitlam, BC) - private session

My wife was in her third trimester when she signed up for the pre-natal yoga series.  She only had great things to say about Christina and the class.  She would also apply what she learned in class in the evenings before going to bed up until her labour. I know that this had a really profound positive effect on her entire baby journey.   We also had the privilege of getting two private prenatal sessions with Christina a few weeks before our daughter was born.  The encouragement, relaxation, sense of calmness was beneficial to both my wife and I.  It helped alleviate some of my worries and anxiety as a new dad to be.   During meditation, she reminded us about the bond of family, of being one.  There was a moment of serene connectedness between me, my wife and our child in the womb.  It was truly an emotional experience and I encourage everyone (yes, including all you fathers to be out there) to sign up for a private class. I also have to mention that her soundtrack was amazing!   So much so that I played one of the songs while my wife was in labour.   Christina’s knowledge, experience and valuable advice really made our journey as new parents even more inspirational.  Thank you!

Chelsea Z. (Vancouver, BC) - prenatal yoga

"I have participated in about 12 weeks of Christina's prenatal yoga classes over my 2nd and 3rd trimester and I cannot express enough how essential this practice has been to a healthy, peaceful pregnancy for me. Christina has a wealth of knowledge in terms of prenatal & postnatal nutrition, birthing, and safe yoga for pregnant mommas. Her classes are incredible relaxing, inspiring, and offer a safe and comfortable environment to work on empowering yourself through this incredible journey. She also includes a lot of postures and exercises to prepare your body for birthing. I have said from the beginning, Christina's prenatal class is my favourite part of each week & I always leave feeling more educated, balanced, and rejuvenated. It's also been an amazing opportunity to share stories and meet other women travelling on the same journey. This class is 100% safe and I would recommend it for pregnant women in any trimester."

Tara L. (Pitt Meadows, BC) - prenatal yoga

"I highly recommend Christina Zvicer as a prenatal instructor to every expecting woman. Her knowledge-base is extremely well rounded and focused on the pregnant and postpartum woman. Classes are themed and prepared as a separate focus each week. She focuses not only on preparing the body but the mind and soul for birth. Taking Christina's class helped me connect to my unborn baby, gave me tools for my labour, and a mindset where I felt prepared and positive. I can say confidently that my labour and delivery was more meaningful and connected with the help of her class. The material reviewed in her class made me more familiar with the labour process as it would apply to me. I took the classroom prenatal sessions as well- which were informative and allowed me to be more in tune with the information as it applied to me personally. I believe this helped me be comfortable and confident with this new and daunting task. I'm proud to say that when my baby finally made his way into the world I was able to have a birth that I would not change for anything in the world."

Tara A. (Pitt Meadows, BC) - prenatal yoga

I wanted to share my appreciation and thank you for all your support through prenatal yoga in my pregnant journey! It has been an absolute pleasure attending your classes and you have helped me stay grounded through this whole process. Your knowledge, encouragement and emotional support has meant a great deal to me and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend your prenatal yoga classes. Thank you for your guidance, love and support! 

Jessica B. (North Vancouver, BC) - prenatal yoga

"Christina's energy and passion for pregnancy and the birth process is both inspiring and moving. She takes her knowledge, experience and passion and relays that into her prenatal yoga classes so that you come out not just feeling amazing physically, but feeling enlightened mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her classes are filled with educational information, beautiful stories and of course, the physical movements which your body is so desperately in need of during pregnancy and in preparation for a wonderful birth experience."

Jessica D. & Baby e (pitt meadows, bc) - mom & baby yoga

“I look forward to Mom & Babe yoga with Christina every week. It’s a place where time slows down, a special time just for me and baby. Christina’s loving, calm and nurturing energy is contagious and baby and I leave class each week feeling more relaxed and connected. It gives perspective that lasts all week, until the next class! We love Christina.”

DOULA- Sharing the Love

Lena D. (Maple Ridge, BC)

"Christina's presence at my second birth was just what I needed. My first birth had many interventions, therefore I had a very painful and long recovery. I was looking for someone to help me have my baby more naturally, with no interventions.

What's great about Christina is that she's not only a Doula, she's also a Holistic Nutritionist and a yoga instructor. So not only do we share a similar philosophy on natural child birth, but she is filled with interesting and useful knowledge. This sets her apart from other Doulas who may not have the same background.

Having Christina at my birth put me and my husband's mind at ease. She was an awesome coach and a great support. She helped me feel empowered and in control of my own birth. I'm proud to say that I did it! I had my baby Belle 100% naturally and my recovery is so much better. Thanks for everything Christina!"

Chelsea Z. (Vancouver, BC)

"I am often asked about my coping mechanisms used for making it through a 2-day labour; I have never missed this opportunity to credit Christina, as my doula.  When I was first pregnant, I did not understand why I would need a doula in addition to my mid-wife and husband but after having my first birthing experience, I can honestly say that there is no way I would attempt this process without her! 

Christina was an essential part of my birth preparation, as I regularly attended her prenatal yoga series, her prenatal partner workshop, prenatal nutritional counselling, and of course, birth planning as my Doula.  My husband was an absolute champion throughout my birth but when day 2 hit, he needed rest, badly.  I needed an energetic change and Christina was that change.  She brought fresh and calm energy to the scene and went through each birthing wave with me.  She helped me release the pressure through sound and was glued to my side until my baby, Taya, arrived.  When we arrived at the hospital, Christina communicated to the staff on my behalf and acted as my champion, to ensure I was getting what I wanted.  I had originally planned a home-birth and Christina was so supportive in my decision to move to the hospital due to exhaustion and made this transition as seemless as possible.  She also has the ability to support, without taking the key support role away from the husband/partner.  She works with your family and supports everyone, not just the mom.

Christina has a wealth of knowledge and love to give to the birthing process. Her passion drives her to keep researching and learning to keep on top of new information in the birthing world. Once you have experienced her energy, depth of knowledge, and love for birth, you would never have a baby without her!"