my manifesto

slow down, chew your food, enjoy!

sprinkle your food with love and goodness

try new foods and drink

eat fresh, clean, whole food & drink fresh, clean water

celebrate meals with loved ones

prepare and grow your own food

listen to your innate wisdom

support local

say NO to GMO

nourish your body, mind and spirit

get good quality complete darkness

minimize exposure to electromagnetic radiation

hug a tree, walk bare feet, respect mother earth

make informed choices

there is always something new to learn...keep learning

Seek your balance

practice makes progress

laugh...including at yourself

have gratitude for all people, things & experiences

embrace change – its inevitable’s contagious

be courageous, be honest, be peaceful, be present

forgive, create, connect, celebrate

share your unique sparkle and wonder with the world

live your best life 

breathe in acceptance, exhale love 

love love

raise love

be loved