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Birth Talks Speaker Series

  • Port Moody Arts Centre 2425 St Johns St Port Moody, BC, V3H 2B2 Canada (map)

If you haven't heard about Birth Talks, let me get you up to speed. I'm one of the founding members of this project and I'm extremely proud of and honoured to be a part of it.  We are a collective of local birth professionals who are passionate about creating opportunities for women to learn about their choices in childbirth.  We want you to own your birth, to have the birth you want and to be fully informed about all the options available to you so you can birth your way. I believe this is an important project. Education, support and choices are three things I'm very passionate about.

The next event is on June 4th. It is a speakers series that includes three powerful topics by three of our knowledgeable and passionate founding members.

About our Speakers

Dr. Marie Perron, DC - Optimum Family Chiropractic

When Going “With the Flow" is Not Enough... Preparing Your Mind and Heart for Your Dream Birth
You are eating right,  you are taking your prenatal vitamins,  you are doing prenatal yoga and you are slathering your abdomen with belly butter daily.  But what are you doing for your mind?  The internet, books and birthing classes provide you with a wealth of information, but what about your heart?  Learn about the role your thoughts and beliefs play in your pregnancy and upcoming birth and how some mental and emotional preparation can help boost your confidence and empower your birth.

DR. MARIE is a family wellness chiropractor at Optimum Family Chiropractic who is passionate about empowering her clients to trust their own body's ability to heal and to live a healthy lifestyle. Since becoming a mother, Dr. Marie has focused her expertise on pre and postnatal chiropractic care. She truly believes that a healthy, beautiful pregnancy, birth and postpartum period is within reach for every woman through educated and conscious choices. 

Dr. Marie has experienced two un-medicated home births and knows first hand what it takes to have a comfortable, active and empowering birth experience. She continually provides workshops on womens health and pregnancy in her community. 

"Becoming a mother is a very special time and I believe that every woman is capable and deserving of experiencing their dream birth."


Kim Vopni - Pelvienne Wellness & Bellies Inc.

‘Mommy’ and ‘Bootcamp’ Do Not Belong In the Same Sentence - Changing the Paradigms About ‘Getting Your Body Back' After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and birth are amazing but they can take a toll on the body.  Current norms are to wait until the 6-week green light and then start bootcamp. Women want to feel strong again and lose the baby weight and bootcamp might seem like the best thing to do, but in reality it is possibly the worst choice for new moms. This presentation will explore the need to recover, restore and rebuild BEFORE bootcamp so the common body challenges many think are normal after having kids can be avoided.

KIM VOPNI is the owner of Pelvienne Wellness Inc and co-founder of Bellies Inc offering innovative core and pelvic health products and services to pregnant women and new moms. She is a mom of two boys, a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Consultant. She has also completed training in the Hypopressive Method and Pfilates (Pelvic Floor Pilates) which provide her with a very unique background that allows her to deliver truly specialized services to women that help prevent and recover from pelvic floor challenges such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Kim is also be a contributing writer for the Globe and Mail's online Health Advisor section.

Gina Snyder - Truly Pure Birth

Understanding Informed Consent in Pregnancy and Childbirth

What is informed consent and how do you ensure that you are getting all the information you need to make decisions about your pregnancy and birth? Various tests, procedures and medications commonly offered in pregnancy and labour will be discussed so that you can be an active participant in your care and feel confident in the choices you make.

GINA SNYDER is a wife and mom to three wonderful boys.  Her journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood changed her life in so many wonderful ways.  This journey ignited her passion for natural pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. 

She is excited to be a certified Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis instructor, certified birth doula and to offer placenta encapsulation services. She is passionate about providing education and support to expectant women so that they can make informed decisions and feel confident throughout their pregnancy and birthing time. 

She believes that a woman's birth experience is an event that they will always remember and it is her goal to support moms and their families to help them have the best birth possible.

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